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The future and economic development of any country depend on the success of the education system. Their reinforcement, innovation and quality education have a greater impact on society. Edufever is very proud to value its ideas and its potential for society and so we were inspired to start the ERF Award and with this award, a person can distinguish himself as a quality education provider from others.

ERF acknowledges the best colleges, schools and educational institutions for their achievements and quality education. When a user wants to get quality products, services and results with a search-box click, they can use the list of ERF rewards.

ERF is working towards where the user wants to achieve quality results as per their needs, be it for management, services or products. The user can get the list of best colleges, schools and educational institution from ERF which provides best education, services or management in India. The ERF Awards are given to a college, school, or educational institution that only meets all the criteria set by its audit partner.

Selection Criteria

The ERF follows these selection criteria to select colleges, schools and educational institutions for the ERF award. Just look at them carefully and you will understand how sophisticated the selection process is for the ERF Awards.

  • How much do you value your student and how much do you value the quality output you provide for student satisfaction?
  • How do you lead your team to achieve their objectives with professional development of students?
  • What innovative concepts and benchmarking do you have?
  • Do you do continuous improvement and performance evaluation?
  • What impact do your results have on society?
  • What process strategy and methodology do you follow?
  • What is the future extension to suit your vision and mission?
  • If any, what are the achievements of your services, products or management?

For detailed description of category-wise selection criteria, please refer to the following files:


ERF BEST COLLEGE 2020  Download


At the ERF Awards, we follow a very simple and straightforward method. let's find out:

  • Application Screening

Initially, we invite applications for all our awards categories and all the applications go through the application screening procedure to check the authenticity of applications. All the applications should be submitted in the required format with required documents attached.

  • Document Verification

After receiving all the applications, we start our verification process, where all submitted applications and documents are verified for authenticity.

  • Confirmation of Shortlisting

After the verification process is complete, we shortlist the candidates or companies and confirm their selection for the ERF Award.

  • Campus Tour

After sending confirmation of selection, our team will visit your premises for physical verification and confirmation of the company if necessary.

  • Final Evaluation

After document verification and campus visits, your application goes for final evaluation.

  • Selection Committee Assessment & Winner List Published

To assess the selection committee and get the selection of winners, we publish the final list of ERF award winners from India.

ERF Awards FAQ

To know more about the types of awards, please visit the Nomination page.

ERF follows the steps mentioned below in the award selection procedure:

  • Application Screening
  • Document verification
  • Confirmation of Shortlisting
  • Campus Tour
  • Final Evaluation
  • Selection Committee’s Assessment
  • Winner List Published

Here is the list of documents you need to submit along with the application:

  1. Business Registration Certificate
  2. Profile of Applicant\Nominee
  3. Previous year’s Profit ∓ Loss Statement
  4. Any other important information highlighting your achievement of international product and management certification if any

If you are eligible to apply, you can be a part of the ERF Awards, we are happy to serve you! You can fill the application form given on our website. If you want to participate as an Edufever ranking framework or if you want to participate in the ERF Award as a student, submit an application form.

Any college, school and educational institution can apply for ERF Award nomination. For individual categories, a person from the concerned field will be considered eligible.

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